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Digination is education platform with the aim to nurture creativity and imagination in a digital world. Providing creative and digital skills workshops to inspire and educate the next generation.

Our Mission

Fun & Engaging

To always make digital learning fun, creative, engaging and inspiring.


Promote digital well-being and provide valuable digital learning experiences.


Make digital learning relevant to inspire the next generation and promote careers within the creative industry.


Work with young creative / digital talent to support them in their own career development.

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How long are the sessions?

The school projects are normally run across 6 x 1.5hr sessions depending on the age of the children, these can be spread across a term and linked in with the curriculum learning topic or a single workshop can be run across a full day. We also offer a short masterclass / presentation free of charge to inspire students to consider a role within the creative industry.

What equipment and resources do we need?

We will bring the energy, the expertise and knowledge to ensure the children have an enriched experience.
Lesson plans can also be provided for teacher to continue the learning in class between sessions. 


Are you interested in booking a session?

For more information on the options available please contact Helen on 

“The creative economy has the power to influence and inspire present and future generations, to protect our planet, people, cultures and natural resources and therefore contribute to a more sustainable development path.”

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